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The 3 Foundational Pillars Your Law Business Should Stand On To Drive Success

Something that they neglected to mention in law school is…

There is a big difference between being a great lawyer and running a successful law practice…

You can be a great lawyer… but still be!

Working 60-80 hours a week

Sacrificing your family and leisure time

Locked in overwhelm and hating the grind

Working with a mismatched clientele

Making a lot less money than everybody thinks you are

Many great lawyers like you feel trapped into doing things a certain way because…
that is the way they have always been done” …

You feel like your only choice is to accept this is how it is…or find a new career path…

There is nobody to talk to about your struggles because everyone assumes that you have it all figured out which can lead to some big imposter syndrome!

But what if I told you that you could successfully…

 Run a practice without the overwhelm or burnout

Handpick your clients that are a perfect match for your passion and area of expertise

Have more time for family and leisure

Love what you do and be excited about going into work

Achieve financial freedom and enjoy the lifestyle you have been working so hard to create.

It IS possible to have the career you dreamed of when you first enrolled in law school…

All you need is a plan and consistent support from someone who knows both the struggle…and the way forward…

Meet Sharon

Sharon built her successful solo practice from the ground up… HER way

Seventeen years ago she was close to burn out and hated going into work everyday.

She was working all the time and her relationships, health and self-confidence were all suffering.

She knew something needed to change but she was surrounded by well-established systems and entrenched ways of doing things that blocked her attempts for change.

She decided to go out on her own and created a system for herself that helped her go from zero clients to hundreds of clients within only a few short months.

The secret to Sharon’s success can be found in her three-step approach that she is now sharing with other women lawyers who are looking to make some BOLD changes to increase their passion, purpose, happiness, and financial freedom while leaving behind the stress and overwhelm…


  • Find your perfect niche
  • Learn strategies to attract your ideal client (and waste less money on marketing that is not working)
  • Grow your client list faster (I went from zero to hundreds in 9 short months!)
  • Set yourself up as the top expert in your area, so you can charge your worth
  • Get a flood of opportunities and make effective decisions on which one’s will help propel you forward


  • Create systems and processes so that your practice runs without you
  • Learn to focus on what you do best (trade mule’s work for magician’s work)
  • Get really good at saying no (and say YES to the type of cases that will bring you an ROI)
  • Gain your time back & never take work home again
  • Get paid on time and in full (no more chasing clients!)


  • Challenge your thinking on the way things have always been done
  • Decide what you really want from life and make it happen
  • Learn effective stress reduction techniques
  • Increase your confidence and willingness to be BOLD
  • Learn how to live within your purpose and passion and love being a lawyer again

This program is right for you if….

You have been in your own practice for a minimum of three years

You are not currently making enough money and struggle with cash flow

You are not attracting ideal clients and are working with less-than-ideal clients just to pay the bills

You are working too many hours and spending too much time doing jobs that drain you

You are coachable and open to new ideas

You are willing to make shifts in your marketing, management and mindset that are currently holding you back

If this sounds like you…

It’s time to disrupt the old, tired way of running your law practice and forge a new path that works for you and what you want most out of life…

Because the alternative is…

 To continue to live small…accepting things the way they have always been done

 Staying in overwhelm- sacrificing your relationships and health and hoping things might someday change

 Living client-to-client-never getting ahead of the bills

 Being a great lawyer stuck doing jobs that don’t allow you to make the best use of your skillset and expertise

Uncover the bold woman lawyer that is currently hiding under that overwhelm and become the director of your life, rather than a passive participant of your career…and find the purpose…happiness and financial freedom that you deserve…

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