Is Running Your Law Practice Leaving You Frustrated and Burned Out, And Not Yet Achieving the Level of Success You Had Hoped For?

When you are focused on too many things your practice can never grow from good to great…

The majority of your hours are spent working in your business rather than on your business

You are stuck doing things that you should pay someone else to do

Your marketing is either inconsistent or ineffective

You are reactive rather than proactive

You have a vague idea about what you want your practice to look like but have no plan to get you there

You are so stuck in the grind of the moment that you can’t take the time to catch your breath

You are beginning to doubt your goals are even possible

You have a solid practice but if you are also managing your HR, finance, marketing, and janitorial departments you will never see the success that you know you are capable of…

Everything is getting some of your attention but nothing is getting the full attention that it needs…

So what’s the solution….?

It’s Time for A Law Practice Intensive Day

Create an action plan so you have a clear path to get more done faster

Get clarity on the things that are eating up your time and energy

Prioritize the things that need your attention and learn how to offload the rest

Identify and remove the blocks to your growth

Understand what marketing will work for you to bring in your ideal clients (So that you can say no to all the rest!)

Increase your profitability

Spend less time worrying about your practice and more time enjoying your business and your life

After running my law practice for over 15 years, I still struggled with the concept of identifying my “ideal client” who was willing to pay for my services. I felt stuck. That’s when I booked a VIP Intensive with Sharon Christie. Sharon made me feel comfortable just talking. Sharon asked a lot of questions about my practice and my goals and quickly helped me hone in on certain attributes of my clients and within several hours I was able to walk away from our meeting with a description of who my ideal client is and ideas on how to reach them. I realized that understanding WHO I wanted to work with was crucial in being able to attract them.

After that time with Sharon, it was almost like a light bulb turned on in my head to give me the clarity I had wanted for a long time. With Sharon’s help and suggestions, I was able to tailor the various marketing and client development channels I use to reach those whom I want to represent. I not only walked out of our meeting with more clarity and an action plan, I walked out and breathed a sigh of relief.

K. Taylor

Lawyer in Maryland

Marketing. Management. Mindset.

These are the three areas that trip up most lawyers in solo and small practices, causing undue stress and poor results…

During Your Law Practice Intensive Day You Can:


Get a clear marketing plan that targets your ideal practice area and dream client to create consistent income and to energize you so that you LOVE what you do


Learn how to build a team you can rely on, that is empowered to take things off your plate so that you can focus on business growth and have time for your life too!


Step out of overwhelm for good as you learn to prioritize your own wellbeing and run your practice in a way that works for your lifestyle…(this IS possible!)

Here’s what a Law Practice Intensive Day Looks Like….

FREE Practice & Profit Audit – The first step is to book a complimentary call to uncover what specific problem is your biggest stumbling block to growth (and less stress) and what your Intensive would look like.

Evaluate & Plan – We’ll book a half day or full day to deep dive into your practice, evaluate your most urgent problem and create clarity, focus and next steps.

Blueprint – After the Intensive I’ll share your blueprint so you know the exact steps to take to implement the solution we design and achieve your goals faster.

1 Hour Follow Up Call – I give you accountability and additional support to ensure your success.

Get Started – Book Your FREE Practice & Profit Audit Now to learn how a Law Practice Intensive Day will help you achieve your goals faster.

The insight you provided me about the marketing aspect of the legal professional for small firms like mine was really helpful.  I appreciated your ability to identify some issues that women in particular have with respect to getting their names out there, and being able to pull in more referrals.  I appreciated your creative approach in how to expand my networks beyond what I would consider obvious professional circles.

L. Leffler

Lawyer in Maryland

A Law Practice Intensive Day is right for you if….

You have been in your own practice for a minimum of three years

Your business is doing ok but you have hit a financial ceiling

You are not attracting ideal clients and are doing work that drains you

You are working too many hours

You are coachable and open to new ideas

You are willing to make shifts in your marketing, management and mindset that are currently holding you back

Get Started – Book Your FREE Practice & Profit Audit Now!