Empowering Women By Becoming a Lawyer for Estate Planning

Elsa W. Smith is a public speaker, award winning attorney and change agent who is empowering women. Founder and Principal of the Law Offices of Elsa W. Smith, Elsa focuses on wills and estate planning. She counsels individuals, families and business owners in the creation of Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Advanced Directives. Elsa has over 20 years experience as an attorney. She is of Afro-Cuban descent, fluent in Spanish. She is a proud minority and women owned business owner. Elsa also hosts a weekly educational live show called “Women Winning Wednesdays with Attorney Elsa W. Smith.” You can find her on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. And her passion is empowering women through estate planning. 

Here are just a few of the questions we covered… 

How did you recreate yourself, and what things did you start doing because you had to build a network from scratch?

I joined bar associations – I got involved. And although I was labeled a “social butterfly” it still takes time to get to know people, and become comfortable enough around them for them to start referring cases to you. It’s a trust factor, and you have to be visible. Even if you’re shy, you have to get out of your own way.

What brings you joy in your practice?

What brings me joy is helping people — specifically helping women. I wanted to do something new yet serve the public.

As successful as you were, what made you change what you were doing?

My day-to-day work was draining me and I needed a change. I hadn’t realized at the time how energizing the estate planning made me feel. I enjoyed estate planning. I enjoy what it can do and what it did for me, so I wanted to recreate that feeling for other people.

After much introspection, Elsa found this was exactly the change she needed.

She also realized she filled another void in Maryland… being a female lawyer of color who spoke fluent Spanish. 

So be introspective from time to time and ask yourself:  

“Is there more? What will truly make me happier and fulfilled as a lawyer?”

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