Lessons in Niching Down From A General Law Practice To New Successful Ventures


Rita Goodroe was a busy attorney in the DC metro area, struggling to meet people. So, in 2006, she started a Meetup group called Singles in the Suburbs. After 5 years, she found she wasn’t really working on herself to make it all work, so she started an experiment and went on 35 dates in 35 days for her 35th birthday…. She took bold action!


The goal was to create some self-awareness and to help identify the habits that were sabotaging her relationships and her life!

Rita is now a professional speaker, business strategist, and sales coach. She loves helping business owners and sales teams make more money with less effort by focusing on the meaningful relationships and opportunities that truly drive success.

Here are a few questions she answered…

General practice is a really tough line of practice. How do you keep up with all the areas of law with a General law practice?

She said you don’t… and basically you can’t, so she took cases that were more frequent

Bottomline, you can’t be really great at any one particular niche when you’re all over the place.

What happened next?

Fresh out of law school, she naively took on a lot of debt but found landlord/tenant law was more up her alley. She found herself doing a lot of real estate law, then transitioned over to commercial real estate. 

What difference did it make when you focused your niche?

Rita got really good at commercial real estate! It was easier to understand every aspect involved with commercial law, plus she got much more acquainted with her clients, which was and is a pretty big deal, no matter what area of law you practice.

She became an expert!

What happened next?

She got called into an “all hands on deck” meeting (nobody likes the dreaded “all hands on deck” meeting) which resulted in a life altering decision.

You’ve got to listen to what came next!

♥️ It involves 35 dates in 35 days!

♥️ Date coaching!

♥️ Leaving the law practice in the dust to become a thriving coach!

Other questions asked:

Now as a business coach, do you have a specific niche?

Do you think you would have taken a different path in lawyering had you had a good mentor, or knew sooner how to run a business?

We talked about so much more!!!

It’s a great conversation, especially if you want to switch gears.

If you would like to reach Rita, you can email her: rita@ritamademedoit.com or head over to her website, or follow her on social.






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