Perfection vs Excellence In Your Law Practice

Is your Law Practice perfect in every aspect? You know, we lawyers are perfectionists by nature, we dot every “I”, we cross every “T”, we make sure that everything is in order, we make sure that documents say exactly what we want them to say, we make sure that we are fully prepared.

If we have to go to a deposition, or a hearing, or have a trial, we make sure that things are perfect. And, you know, that’s what we do. And certainly certain aspects of our work as lawyers has to be perfect. document preparation, I think is a great example, whether it’s a business document or a will, or trust, or settlement agreement, everything has to be perfect in those documents.

But you know, we can let the pursuit of perfection interfere with the running of our law business, and interfere with the achievement of excellence in running our law business.

In the last 16 years of my active practice, I made plenty of mistakes getting there, trying to be perfect in everything that I did.

Then I learned a secret.

The secret was, you don’t have to be perfect in the business side of your law business, you don’t have to be perfect in all aspects of running your law business. In many aspects of your business, “good is good enough”.

What does this mean?
Do you have to be perfect in all of your marketing?
Do you need to have a perfect intake script, or form that your team uses?
Do you need to be perfect in all of your business processes?
The answer is no, you don’t.
You want to be excellent.
But you also have to be flexible, because these things will change over time.

Marketing and Running the Business
If you’re doing videos or writing articles, and posting on social media it doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to speak directly to your ideal client…

👍 to the person you want to serve;
👍 addressing their legal problem(s);
👍 how those problems are affecting their life;
👍 how you can help them find a resolution

If you’re trying to be perfect at all of this, it is going to slow you down to a crawl, you will become so busy checking every little detail you will never publish that video, you will never post that blog, you will never post that article.

This means you will never get your message out to your ideal audience.
Your business will suffer because you won’t attract any new business.

Lawyer Mind vs Business Mind
When my lawyer mind first thought about how to run the business right it was not to be “good enough”. Once I learned to think with my business mind about how to run the business, I understood the concept and I accepted that “good” is “good enough” in your marketing material.

If you write articles or blogs, it does not have to be at the level of a Pulitzer Prize winning writing.

If you shoot a video, it doesn’t need to be an Oscar worthy performance.

It just needs to get your message across to your ideal audience.

I make a ton of mistakes.
Some of it gets edited out, but not all of it.
Why? Because I want my potential law clients and my potential coaching clients to understand I’m not perfect. Sure, I’ve stumbled on words in videos, and I’ve laughed about it. It makes me more human to the people that are listening. If they can relate on this level to you, it also makes you more approachable.

As a Lawyer, remember this… Use your legal mind for your legal work, and be perfect in your legal work, when and where it is demanded, but use your business mind in the running of your law firm. Strive for excellence, but understand that in many instances good is good enough.

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