Stop Looking At The Competition & Run Your Law Practice Your Way

Let’s talk about the idea of success, and how you reach success in your own law practice.

Someone I was talking to said this:

“When you run your own small business you need to run your own race”



Many women lawyers who have decided to go out on their own think they have to run their business a certain way, however they really need to step back and ask:

How do I want my business to run?

How can I make it work for me and my needs?


Here’s an analogy to think about:

Have you ever watched a football game, where the ball is snapped to the quarterback, he makes the successful throw to the receiver and there’s nothing but wide open space to the end zone. The receiver, however, gets so distracted by looking back to see who is trying to catch him then he, himself, slows down and gets tackled and misses the opportunity to make the touchdown.


Yes, you want to know who your competition is, and know what they’re doing, learning from them, but you don’t want to be chasing or copying what they are doing. It will consume you.

Here are three things you need to think about (and adjust) at all times:

  1. Know what your goals are
  2. Know how you want your business to work to meet your needs
  3. Don’t pattern yourself after your competition because it may not actually work for you

Recognizing your needs will allow you to implement processes in your law firm and make it successful on your own terms.

Replace The Rat Race With A Bold, Thriving Law Business

With 16 years in a solo law practice, Sharon Christie discovered that the secret to thriving instead of merely surviving lies in the ability to land great clients…consistently. Sharon cracked the marketing code — catapulting her law practice clientele from ZERO to HUNDREDS in under 9 months — and now reveals her proven 3 step formula to other female lawyers who are ready to replace the rat race with a bold, thriving law business.

Part of her 3 step formula in action is frequent lecturing to professional and community groups, including NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore, the Brain Injury Association of Maryland, the Lupus Foundation, Let’s Talk Sarcoidosis and the Sinai Return to Work Program, and authoring books for her law practice clients such as the 2 books on Social Security Disability benefits, The Unofficial Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits and Can You Win Your Social Security Disability Case?: The Blueprint You Need to Get Social Security Disability.

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