Stop Struggling to Run Your Law Practice & Learn This Critical Skill

Is your law practice struggling? The biggest complaint I hear is “I’m a good lawyer. In fact, I’m a GREAT Lawyer… So why am I struggling to run my law firm?

This is not an unusual complaint, so here’s what I’m going to challenge you with this week …

It is normal to struggle (at times) with the business end of running a law practice.

Think of it this way… You went to school to learn all about the law.

You learned the basics like … 

✔️ How to research

✔️ How to understand statutes, contracts, and documents

✔️ All about discovery.

Even if your law school offered a course in running a law business,  you were too busy learning the law to  learn about running a business. 

The good news is, you CAN learn it now!

So how do you start?

You get help. You are great at doing  your client work. You need help to do the rest.

The first step is to OUTSOURCE.

Outsourcing tasks you are not skilled at doing, is critical to running your law practice. You need people in place who will handle things correctly, right from the beginning. Take for example:

  • Financial management – if you are not an accountant, or have no financial management experience, then outsourcing this role for money management and taxation purposes is critical.
  • Social media – sure you can create great contact, but how do you get your message across properly and post it in the important places ie, where your ideal client hangs out
  • Join a Mastermind! Get the support you need from like-minded lawyers, by joining associations or groups on social media. You’d be surprised how many people are struggling like you are (but maybe not on the same things)
  • Grab my free success guide… it’s  on the home page of my website:
  • Hire a business coach for more personalized training! It’s great to stay focused and on the right path

Don’t be frustrated. Getting help is not a sign of weakness. You’re not an expert at everything and admitting it to yourself is a step in the right direction.

Here are a few free resources for you to try out…

Replace The Rat Race With A Bold, Thriving Law Business

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Part of her 3 step formula in action is frequent lecturing to professional and community groups, including NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore, the Brain Injury Association of Maryland, the Lupus Foundation, Let’s Talk Sarcoidosis and the Sinai Return to Work Program, and authoring books for her law practice clients such as the 2 books on Social Security Disability benefits, The Unofficial Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits and Can You Win Your Social Security Disability Case?: The Blueprint You Need to Get Social Security Disability.

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